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This website was created is an addon to my CV. Because there isn't much you can put in your CV - people usually tend to skip a lot of written information if the CV is longer than one page. And it is sad, because when it comes to an iterview they don't really know you, what things have you achieved and what are your interests. Website gives you a chance of presenting an information you'd really like to hightlight or bring someone's attention to, and you are not confined by the limits of the written CV.

Another reason of having a webpage about yourself is that you do not always bring your CV along with you (although, carrying a pile of papers in your backpack anywhere you go might be a good idea, if you'd like to impress a potential employer being clear for action every single moment, but isn't it much better just having a business card with your webpage address?), or for example you are attending a meeting where you were hoping to distribute your CVs and ran out of your papers. Or let's say you simply met someone who is interested in your work and looking for an employee just like you, but you don't have a laptop or anything to show the person. There are many cases, when you'd like you had a webpage.

Basically, this is it. This Intro was never meant to be read, it's just filling the space on the right side of my photo. If you are really interested of what am I and what jobs and projects I was doing during my career, please refer to the Projects, or browse and download my CV. Or, if you have spare time, you might like to have a look on my Gallery.

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In the case you have visited this place just to read my CV, it is available in PDF.

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